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Whatever business you are in, we can provide a full range of web related services that will help you achieve your online goals. Most of our services listed below also have an accompanying guide but feel free to contact us in relation to any of the services mentioned.



Metro PC Works provides a range of SEO services that can greatly help to increase your site’s visibility, and we let you select precisely the package you need for your business.


Profile Linking and Directory Submission: For quickly building a large links profile at low cost, we offer profile linking and article submission services. Profiling essentially means building lots of profiles on sites and forums so that they can link back to your site, while directory submissions mean that your site will be submitted to a directory of links. These are great sites where people will come to find other interesting web pages, and that Google can use to find new content. We can create hundreds of profiles and directory submissions for you every month.


Article Submissions:  Article submission means submitting articles to ‘article directories’ with backlinks to your site in an author signature. This guarantees the content will be highly relevant to your site, and allows you to build up an impressive array of links very quickly. Our services involve not only creating compelling articles for you, but also handling the fiddly submission process allowing you to gain huge numbers of new links from a few articles.


Blog Posts:  Better yet, we can create blog posts for you and link those back to your site. We offer 200 and 300 word blog posts depending on your requirements, and can also offer ‘contextual’ links that put your links right in the content with relevant keywords to help[/wptab]
Have you looked into pay per click campaigns yet? If not, then you’re seriously missing out. Metro PC Works can help you to create campaigns that will deliver in terms of high quality traffic and maximum exposure. We’ll not only create your campaigns for you, but also manage and develop them to ensure that they’re as effective as possible in bringing in paying customers and clients.


But what is pay per click and why should you care? Well, pay per click literally means advertising online where you only pay each time someone clicks on one of your ads. The best known pay per click service is ‘AdWords’ offered by Google, which can get you to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) as a ‘sponsored ad’.


This strategy is great for any business looking to increase their presence online and is another useful tool to use in conjunction with SEO. One of the big advantages of pay per click is that it’s immediate, which means you can start bringing in more profits right away. This also allows you to experiment with the ad campaigns and key words that work best, which can help to inform the rest of your online marketing strategy – but don’t worry, we’ll take care of all that for you. Features like ‘Google Remarketing’ can help us to take this even further.



Social media marketing is another great route for increasing awareness of your website. Most people these days have a Facebook and Twitter account and through social media marketing you can market to those people directly and promote your message in an engaging way. Social media marketing offers something slightly different from SEO. While SEO targets people who are looking for your services, social media marketing allows you to reach out to people who wouldn’t necessarily think to look for you. That way you can ensure that they think of you when they do need a service like yours, you can find new fans and you can keep existing and previous customers up-to-date on any developments.


A great social media strategy will make use of the ‘connected’ nature of these networks. By delivering engaging and eye-catching content you can see your message spread organically between contacts and potentially even go virally. At the same time, it will target the right demographics making sure that the people you’re reaching out to are people that are likely to be interested in your services. The potential ROI here is huge, which is why it’s a key part of many big business’ strategies.



What is it that brings traffic to your pages and keeps them there? Simple: it’s high quality content that grabs the viewer’s attention and delivers real value by the time they get to the end of it. Among internet marketers you’ll often hear the phrase ‘content is king’, and this really is true. Content is what people want, so if you can’t deliver, you won’t get the visitors.


Not only is content what most people are looking for online but it’s also what Google uses in order to index and rank websites for search queries. Google will scan the text it finds on your website for relevant terms and expressions and will analyse it to check its informative and high quality. The more you have, and the higher quality that content is, the more visitors you’ll get to your site.


Finally, good copy-writing can help to sell your product and make your point and a little persuasive writing can make all the difference when it comes to sales conversions. Fortunately, thanks to our team of highly qualified and experienced writers, if you want to fill your site with high quality text, we can help.







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