Network Security Portland, Oregon



The Internet can be a hostile environment for Portland IT networks. But Managed Internet services from Metro PC Works build an impenetrable barrier around your most important business assets – your data – to protect you from threats to business productivity.


Our Managed Network Security features:


  • Firewall Protection: we keep information flowing while keeping threats out.
  • Anti-Virus: a virtual bait trap that monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic and removes viruses before they enter or exit your network. We also have the ability to set traps for unauthorized file types, keeping your sensitive data securely within your network.
  • Content Filters: we know you like to keep the office clean, and that includes discouraging employees from visiting questionable websites or inadvertently downloading spyware. Content filtering allows you to monitor your company’s Internet usage to detect any potential violations of your company policies and procedures.
  • Anti-Spam: spam is not only an annoyance, it is also a threat to the stability of your IT network. Our fully customizable anti-spam solution works with all email systems to filter out suspect addresses.
  • Anti-Spyware: our system monitors for and blocks applications that seek to track your every move on the Internet or plague your productivity with pop-ups.
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN): provides a secure Internet connection for employees working remotely, and for private client access areas of your network. We actively monitor and manage your Portland IT network 24/7 and provide scheduled reports on all your company’s Internet activity, giving you complete management control and full visibility into potential risks to your IT assets. Of course, all Metro PC Works’ Managed Internet services are backed by our expert technicians and engineers, who are available to answer your questions or address your concerns in person.


If you want to learn how to do business better with an IT business solutions partner that can help you cut costs and improve productivity, then you need to talk to Metro PC Works.






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