Desktop, Laptop and Server Hardware & Software Upgrades


Hardware & Software ¬†like any tool, computers can fail mechanically or electrically, and they can also become obsolete. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to invest in a new computer. Contact Metro PC Works to evaluate the condition of your computer and other hardware. It may be that with a repair or inexpensive upgrade, your technology can deliver much-improved performance and give you the ability to run the latest software.


We have the expertise to diagnose and repair problems with your computer’s motherboard and other mechanical or electrical systems, or even something as simple as a key that has popped off your laptop.
Hardware Upgrades Portland Oregon


Typical items upgraded:


  • Processor – Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Memory – Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • Hard drive – Hard Disk Drives (HDD) & Solid Disk Drives (SDD)
  • Video Card – Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
  • Network Card – Network Interface Card (NIC)
  • Routers – Wired & Wireless
  • …and the list goes on!


Sometimes upgrading your hardware can be like putting lipstick on a pig. We can help you decide it makes more sense from an economic or technological standpoint to replace your computer or network hardware. We’re committed to bringing you the BEST value!


We make the transition quick, easy, and as cost-effective as possible.


Like hardware, software has a life-cycle. Often you are upgrading from an older version due to increased function or the software provider has ended support. Either way, it is important to properly upgrade your software.



Key services we provide:


  • Identify hardware requirements
  • Backup data files
  • Properly uninstall software
  • Install new/upgraded software
  • Transfer/migrate data
  • Test for performance and function