Speed Up Your Internet Browser in Less Than 1 Minute

Let’s face it, over time the speed of your computer begins to SLOOOOOW DOOOOWN. There are a number of factors that can contribute to your computer slowing down. We are going to focus on your internet browsers…what some of the causes are and how to quickly fix.


I am going to break this down in very simple terms so that novice/beginner users don’t get left behind.


First, let’s get some terminology out of the way as I have found some users don’t understand the difference from Windows and Internet Explorer. Microsoft is the company that makes Windows. Windows is the operating system that makes the hardware (computer parts) work together so you can do things on your screen. Windows has several versions..Windows 7, Windows 8 and the most recent Windows 10.


An application (software) serves a particular function or purpose on the computer. Internet Browsers are applications that (at the core) serve the purpose of browsing the internet, often referred to a being online, the web or the world-wide-web. Internet Explorer is a application from Microsoft that allows you to access/browse/surf the internet.


The three most common browsers according to w3schools.com trend reports dated August 2015 are:

  • Internet Explorer – 6.6%
  • Google Chrome – 64%
  • Firefox – 21.2%


While the browsers are similar in function they are very different in terminology.  Example:  There is software produce by other companies to expand the capabilities / functions of each internet browsers.  In Internet explorer, these are called “add-ons”.  Google Chrome refers to them as “extensions”.  Firefox makes things a little more confusing by calling them “add-ons”, “plugins” & “extensions”, based on their function within their browser.  We will simplify things and simply refer to all add-ons across all three browsers as “extensions”.


These “extensions” can be a wonderful blessing by adding a lot of features to your browser.  One of my favorite extensions for Google Chrome is Mighty Text.  It connects my browser on my computer to the text messaging on my phone.  So, when someone sends me a text message I can see it on my desktop and reply…tons of other cool features, but you will have to check them out for yourself.  This is about speeding things up with your internet browsers when they slow down, right?


The more extensions you have running when you click on your browser the slower it takes to open and run.


Moving forward…


So you ever heard of cookies?  Ok, I am not talking about a fresh hot batch of chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven with a nice cold glass of milk.  I an talking about cookies that get put on your computer when you brows sites.  These “cookies” are often called “tracking cookies”.  The principle is something like this.  You have some cookies, eat the cookies and leave crumbs behind of places you had been.  “Tracking cookies” are meant to help advertisers gain a better awareness of where you have been, what you search for and how they can better position themselves in front of your buying habits.  There are malicious purposes for cookies…yet, we will have to save that for a different post.


The more cookies you have tracking your browsing habits, the slower your internet browser will run.


Are you seeing a trend here?  So how do we speed thing up?  We clear all the CRAP from running.  It is very simple.  I have provided a detailed video below to walk you through the process.


I hope you enjoy.