IP Blacklist

OK…So this blog post is a highly focused post and doesn’t pertain to 99% of the people out there. It is probably me just venting and it will never get any traction (visitors). I still want to put this information out there.


I have been hosting web servers for a number of years and the struggle to keep hackers at bey is an ever-present dilemma. One of the ways to combat Brute Force hackers is to block their IP addresses. This is a tedious hassle, but can be quite effective. Unfortunately because of the ease of switching IP addresses for hackers, it is something that simply has to be a matter of habit.


How you block those IP addresses varies GREATLY.


You can add the IP addresses manually…meaning you add the IP address of the offender(s) by hand or you can use an automated intrusion prevention systems like DenyHosts, or Fail2ban. These will block the hackers at the server level.  These are for companies (or individuals) that are running their own web-host servers.


Those of you with WordPress sites can use security plugins like: iThemes Security (one of my favorite plugins)


The question IS how to obtain the lists.  You can typically get lists of offending IP address from your website hosting provider.  They should be able to generate a report of IP address that have tried to login and been blocked.  I am simply providing my list below and you can feel free to cut and past into your blacklist.


Notes on my list below:  Each one of these trolls have tried to login no less than 30 times and been blocked.  I have also spent the time to locate the little [email protected]#$%^&.  I think you can see a real trend.


If publishing this list helps 1 company or 1 server from being hacked…it will have been worth my time.


I hope you find it useful.