It’s the Final Countdown for XP

Microsoft XP End of Life

The bell is ringing…the fat lady is starting to sing…It’s the final countdown for Microsoft Windows XP.  It is no secret that Microsoft is ending support for Microsoft Windows XP on April 8th 2014.  The official Microsoft site discussing the end of support can be found here:


As a Computer Service Provider and Technology Consultant, I am often asked….”So what is the BIG deal if Microsoft ends support?”  To which, I often assure listeners that “It isn’t like Y2K”.   However, it needs to be addressed seriously.





  1. Security: Microsoft works hard a plugging security holes (vulnerabilities) that hackers are able to find and exploit.   Without the Microsoft team actively finding and fixing these problems…It leaves your computer and you data at risk of attack.
  2. Compliance: Are you governed by a regulatory / compliance agency?  Not having security updates from Microsoft can make you out of compliance and subject to an audit…or worse yet…potential fines or fees.
  3. Lack of software support:  You will see an escalation of software companies also ending support for Microsoft Windows XP.  Google announce they will officially end support of Google Chrome for Windows XP on April 2015.  It is really not a matter of WILL companies end support, but rather WHEN.
  4. Lack of hardware support:  There are a multitude of manufacturers that provide new hardware without Windows XP drivers or software.  So, it will be a challenge getting newer hardware for the archaic OS.




Well hop right over Microsoft Windows Vista.  In my opinion, it was as bad of a train-wreck ad Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (ME) – EEW!  Go right to Windows 7…or if you are daring…Windows 8.1.  These should be your BASIC requirements for a computer running anything more than XP:


  • Dual Core Processor
  • 4GB RAM / Memory
  • 140GB Hard Drive


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If you are having an issue sorting through the transition contact us.  We are happy to help.